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Date:2009-03-17 12:29
Subject:Repeats and Revisits - Hanging out at West to the Ryde
Mood: disappointed

Well, just my luck, it turns out i'll be coming back here to West Ryde everyday for the next three weeks as part of Centrelink's rampant desire to make me jump through thousands of flaming hoops before they realise i am shockingly unemployed and give me $400. Seriously, can't they just do a Kevin rudd and hand out the money without first thinking. I mean, come on, some of that stimulus package is going to people who haven't lived in Australia for years. Meanwhile me, whose extent of overseas has been a holiday to Tasmania, gets to hang out in the back dump streets of West Ryde and terrorise people who clearly are NOT looking to hire about getting a job. Meep. Meep to you Centrelink.

Anyway, enough to that, this is about two things;

1. The new NRL ad/song that is going over and over in my head... but that may because i have it on repeat on my iPod

2. Visiting what's left of my nan's old place in West to the Ryde


So, first, NRL ad. God damn Wes Carr song is stuck in my head. I can't think without hearing it and so have it playing on repeat at all hours of the day. And then, when i'm not listening to it or trying to do something else like watch TV, the bloody NRL ad comes on and damn, there it goes again.

Personally i prefer the NRL version to Wes' cos his is all about driving around with an older lady and guns. Say what? The NRL one is inspiring, if you know, you have the ad without Brett 'part-time rapist, full-time jerk' Stewart in it. But that's me and i love my NRL. Full-time Sydney bogan chick right here. Give me NRL, a footie pie and some rock 'n' roll and i'm a happy little beansprout for days. Throw in a cute sailor and dude, this is what heaven looks like. Throw in a Parra premiership and i start to think maybe this too good to be true...

So, lyrics for the NRL version are all like...

"... there was me and you, always out to prove what we could do... all he wanted to do was see his team rise, when he lit up the sky you know it felt like woah..."

So catchy! I prefer that over Wes' which you can look up yourself. Lol.

So, time to dissect this as my ad major hat comes on... fact is: I LOVE THIS AD! I feel sorry for the kid who played yougn Brett Stewart cos he got the axe, but the idea of kids on a playing field growing up to become Greg Inglis is fantastic! I absolutely love it, even if i hate Greg Inglis cos he's a creep. It captures the game perfectly and for anyone whose grown up on NRL it's kinda inspiring.

((BTW, my iPod just died and now i'm music-less. *cries*)

But, back to the ad. 'Feel It' is probably their best slogan to date. I mean, after they said they were canning 'That's My Team' last year i though, great, time for another crappy ad like the Tina Turner one. I mean, i know that was supposedly fantastic but dude... she's American! They don't know NRL! Where as Wes Carr is so much more NRL: he's a nobody risen to be a somebody by a fat guy who told him he could achieve his dreams, he's very scruffy -looking and he speaks with a bit of a drawl. Dude, that's an NRL player/fan to boot!

So... on the whole... LOVE IT!

I might dissect it better on ADdicted next week so keep an eye on that...

Issue two: Visiting my nan's old house...

Back in 1999 my nan sold her house in West Ryde to buy a unit closer to us. Currently my mum is renting out that unit as my nan passed away three years ago in July. So, it's been almost 10 years to the day since my nan sold up at almost half the original value to a young family she liked because the woman was a nurse. My nan was a sucker for a kind face. Sold the house for about $350,000. It's value is more like $600,000.
Today i took a stroll down to the house to see what was up. Now, i knew they'd knocked down, but i assumed they'd rebuilt. I was wrong. Instead all that's left is an overgrown grassy area. They've filled in the pool and pulled out all of nan's plants leaving nothing but the old stone fence at the front which is falling into ruin.


I mean, i know economic crunch and everything, but you'd think in 10 years they'd have done more than turn it into a dump. I spent most of the first 12 years of my life at that house, learning to swim and crushing slugs with bricks. Now it's nothing. It's very upsetting.

What is amusing is the things that HAVEN'T changed in 10 years. Like the house further up the street that has been in the process of being rebuilt since 1996. The old house withe the christmas lights still strung up the gum tree and the units across the road. Of course, the people i knew back then would be grown up or gone now. The kids two doors down who would be in the last years of primary school/high school. One was a baby when i knew him. He'd now be 11! Dude, that's year 5! or the young girl who'd now be 16! 16! It really makes you feel old, that's for sure.

But that's it for me. Enough hanging out at West to the Ryde library, i have some job hunting to return to.

Later days dudettes and dudes

Luv ~ Kate

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Date:2009-03-16 10:05
Subject:Ships on the Farm: The Australian Navy Fleet Review
Mood: nostalgic

Well this month’s Friday the 13th (two in a row means the whole spooky thing really wears off quickly) turned into something of a Sydney Harbour spectacle this morning when 17 ships of the Australian Navy sailed into the harbour for a review of the fleet as part of a six-week east coast training exhibition which the Navy have spectacularly turned into part-training/part-advertising. But hey, based on the crowd at Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair and in Farm Cove – it worked! It worked on me anyway. But I was always pretty susceptible to anything branded ‘navy’.

So, what did I see? Well, despite the apparent 17 ships, I managed to see about 9. That said, three of them were docked so do they really count? So,

     03 – the HMAS Sydney (Adelaide Class GM -Frigate)

    04 – the HMAS Darwin (Adelaide Class GM – Frigate)

    150 – the HMAS Anzac (Anzac Class Frigate)

    06 – the HMAS Newcastle (Adelaide Class GM – Frigate)

    FRONT: 154 – the HMAS Parramatta (Anzac Class Frigate) REAR: (unknown) - Kanimbla? or a Balikpapan class?

    FRONT: Fort Denison (with Navy staff atop)  REAR: 155 – the HMAS Ballarat (Anzac Class Frigate)

    05 – the HMAS Melbourne (Adelaide Class GM – Frigate)

    L50 – the HMAS Manoora (Kanimbla Class LPA)

    … wait a minute, that’s not a navy vessel…


So, apart from watching a group of poor (but still bloody lucky) sailors standing out on the deck of their ships from about 8:15 to well after 9 I also found myself asking these questions about the whole thing…

1.     Does the huge pile of horse crap in the Royal Botanical Gardens really help sell the ship viewing? I mean, after erecting all those well-designed signs at the entrance to Farm Cove, it was quality advertising wasted. (BTW: by well-designed signs I mean two signs on placards that look like they’d been printed on my old 1994-model Canon printer – hard to read)

2.     What was with the security standing over everyone’s shoulder at Farm Cove and Mrs. Macquarie’s? I mean, what are they worried will happen? Someone will dive into the Harbour and swim up to a ship and take control? Dude, we’ve all seen only recently what happens when you go for a dip in the Harbour near a navy vessel…

3.     How many cruises had been planned that day by private companies? After nine you couldn’t see any of the ships past the cruise vessels. And they seemed to be enjoying themselves too. One ship went right around the Sydney for a gander two times then carried on stalking the other ships too…


Who organised these cruises? That bunch of obsessed weirdos at SP.com? lol. And if so, where was my invite?

4.     How sexy is this picture?

Okay fine, that wasn’t much of a question, but it’s a nice little panorama anyway.

Oh and these two:


Okay, I’ll quit the self-promotion now. But really, they are nice. Almost worth the 6am start. And by almost I mean I’m really struggling to justify it.


But, I don’t have a question 5 so this is redundant now…


Anyway, my day ended just after 10am when I realised I had to pack up and get back to reality or else find myself hopelessly lost in the wonderful world of the Navy. Packing up and heading to St James (anything that would keep me from walking past the hose crap again), I not only found I’d been sitting on wet grass but I also almost fell over when that stupid gun salute came out of nowhere and scared the begeebas out of me. So on the whole, a good morning.

It was interesting to see it was almost all Adelaide Class. Clearly they’ve returned home from Iraq bored with that fact that the war has been downgraded from ‘Improbable Threat to Australia’ to ‘Zero Threat to Australia’. Of course, I can’t imagine this ‘Ship Viewing’ as the Royal Botanical Gardens called it, which they say runs from 7:30am to 6pm, is any more fun.

But done and dusted, now to try and get in for this Navy march thingy tomorrow.

Till then… the last of the pictures:


And good day…

~ Kate


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Date:2009-02-13 16:17
Subject:The Devil Inside... Australian Borders
Mood: angry

Could this be the first documented picture of the devil himself? To those who lost everything in Australia’s worst national disaster, it is.

This is the first picture, taken by a local schoolteacher, of the man believed to be responsible for the Gippsland bushfires that have claimed 20 lives and many homes. And it’s not too harsh to suggest he could be behind many more. In fact this individual has been terrorising locals since 2003 but they’ve finally had enough.

In a bid to catch this man, locals have set up a task force that will patrol the area night and day in a desperate bid to both catch this despicable excuse for a human being and also deter him from lighting any more fires.

Yesterday two individuals were taken into custody to help police with arson inquiries. Both were released. Gippsland locals think it isn’t enough and now want nothing more than to find the man and set him alight themselves.

Here’s hoping police catch this man before locals find him – for his sake.


The individual has been seen in the Gippsland region since early 2003. He’s described as young and average height. He’s been seen on a black motorcycle with L-plates, a white helmet and a white petrol can strapped to the back. Anyone with information on this person has been asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

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Date:2009-02-09 12:25
Subject:Fire, Fire Everywhere
Mood: bitchy

In a climate changed world where we can expect the worst of what Mother Nature has to offer, one could have expected that the hottest summer in Victorian history would soon yield a dangerous situation such as those we are experiencing now. However, could anyone really have seen the extent they are now suffering?

With fires burning out of control to this hour in the northern country towns of central Victoria, we remain watching on the edge of out seats at both what goes on down there and what goes on at our doorsteps. Despite 40 plus conditions in Sydney and 45 plus in country NSW, we have luckily missed out on too much trouble. 59 spot fires were burning across NSW as of midday Sunday, but none of them have yet to come too close to homes. The Brisbane Waters national park is still alight and the real danger remains on this front at Peats Ridge on the NSW central coast. However, a life has been claimed in the Hunter region with a young boy found dead in his home at Muswellbrook.

Everything in NSW, however, pales in comparison to the Victorian fires. A fire front that is said to rival that of Ash Wednesday, Australia’s wost firestorm, has been dubbed Black Saturday and his wiped through up to a dozen central Victorian towns completely destroying towns and claiming many lives. The current death toll stands at 84 as of 2200 Sunday, making it two times worse than Ash Wednesday, but is set to rise with many in a critical condition at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital.

So this opens up one final question – what happens to those responsible for these deaths? It has been revealed that the devastating fires in the Gippsland region appeared to have been started by arsonists. As well as that, once the fires were contained, the arsonists returned and started the fire again. So, with the current maximum for arson at 25 years (a sentence which has NEVER been given), is this too small a crime for these deaths? If the arsonist responsible for at least one of the fires in Victoria is caught, should they be given a charge that represents not only their hate for society but also the deaths they inadvertently caused?

With fire fighters caught up in arson attacks in NSW and the Gippsland region rather than where they were needed in the Marysville and Kinglake region, could you assume that these areas could’ve come under control sooner with these added fighters? Or is that just positive thinking?

But either way, these are people that have shown their hate for a country that have provided them everything they need. These are people that have shown absolute disregard for the lives of their own community members, hero fire fighters, the governments and the Australian population in general. Are these people welcome in this country?

Every year we send away people who want to join our country simply because they weren’t born here. They could bring to our society doctors, nurses and professionals. But they are sent away and basically told they aren’t worthy because they weren’t born in this country. In comparison, we allow a bunch of uneducated and stupid bogans to live here because when their slag mother was 15 she gave birth to them in some back hick town in the middle of nowhere. These kids grow up with nothing because their parents spend their money on alcohol and cigarettes, hate society and then go out and light fires in little country towns because they’re bored and stupid. And don’t suggest I have no idea because I’ve seen my fair share of bogans in Penrith, NSW and I know perfectly well that these people have nothing because they make nothing of themselves. I’ve also met ex-bogans who have managed to get up and get out of this rut and make something of their lives. It isn’t hard to make something if you really want, but for these people it’s just easier to blame everyone else and just generally do nothing for Australia.

So, who belongs in Australia more? Someone who wants to come here and will offer everything they can for some safety? Or some dumb kid with no desire to live a better life that hates society and lights random fires in the middle of the hottest week in Victoria’s history, threatening lives? Which one will make Australia a better place?

As the fire continues we can expect the hero fire crews to have these under control before the week is out. But then what? After Ash Wednesday it took many years for the towns that were destroyed to recover. Even to this day, 26 years later, some people are still trying to rebuild their lives. But Black Saturday, which the Victorian Premier is calling the darkest day in Victoria’s history, may take even longer. When you consider the damage it isn’t hard to think only of the lives lost and the homes destroyed but imagine what else is lost… livelihoods and jobs, farm animals, community spirit, trust in the safety of their homes, whole towns and their history, people’s history and belongings, pets, stability, and of course the lives of family and friends.

All we can hope now is that the darkest day in Victoria’s history and what looks set to be the worst natural disaster in Australia’s history will lead to a very dark day and 25 years for those responsible for this catastrophe.

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Date:2008-08-08 12:14
Subject:Anyone else freaked out?
Mood: scared

Yes, it's all over the news and everything (including Today Tonight, oh god my credibility is out the window now i'm agreeing with them) but are you not a little freaked out by Good Streetview? Currently on Google Street View i've got a camera trained on the front of my house. All i did was type my address into Google Maps Search and it came up. My house, in all it's gorgeous yellowness, is on the web. And it's live. The bus just went past and i followed it down the street. (BTW, it's running late). My brother will be heading to work soon. I'm gonna watch that too. And you think i'm weird? Well, i'm only watching my own family. How many people are currently on Google Streetview watching other people leave their homes?

The excuse Google is using is that anyone could see you leaving your home at any time. Yes, true, but if they stood across the road and watched you for two hours you'd call the cops. However, on this site, i can stare at my house until my brother leaves for work in an hour. 

And why is the Defence Force not worried that i'm now staring at what i think (i was there yesterday so i'm sure it's still) the HMAS Parramatta? I can now read the number on the side. The 154. Yep, it's the Parramatta. Isn't there a security risk there somewhere? And i'm a Google Street View newbie. I wonder what better angles professionals can get?

Information in real time or an invasion of privacy? You know what i think. I'm worried to leave my house now!

~ Kate

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Date:2008-03-18 11:11
Subject:Hey, that bus isn't meant to be there is it?
Mood: pissed off

If you were travelling from Ryde this morning you would've experienced the kind of headache that only comes from horrible roads, trains and just about everything else that disaster of a State Government has touched. You can dream about being on time for work in Sydney: maybe you should've just stayed in bed! The Lane Cove Tunnel was packed until 10am, Epping Road is not moving properly yet and is only good to walk on (Tripel M proved that this morning when they pitted a runner up against a bus traveller and driver to see who would get to the city first. The runner got there 30 minutes before the other two) and there's a BUS OVER THE CITY BOUND LINE AT EPPING STATION! This mean you can rule out public transport unless you are prepared to wait 40 minutes at Eastwood Station for an all-stations service or go the long way around via Hornsby and the North Shore line via Chatswood. Of course, this trip would be shorter if the the North Ryde Line(Chatswood-Epping Rail Link) was finished, but that's just a pipedrea. So, with a 20 minute trip now turned into a one-hour ordeal (the time it takes to get a train to the city if you're lucky, squash into it and travel down the overused, under-repaired and almost forgotten Northern Line). A wake-up call for the State Government and our local MP/Transport Minister John Watkins: NOT HAPPY JOHN! So many questions for you but here's just a few:

1. Why so few trains for such a busy line? The Northern Line is the main line between Strathfield and Hornsby including Gosford and the Central Coast. Why is it so hard to get a service that doesn't stop at every station or any service at all between 12 and 2pm that actually considers North Strathfield-Epping as stations.

2. How can a bus get onto the line and then proceed to hold up trains for countless hours? Why wasn't the barrier strong enough to prevent a rolling bus? The woman didn't hold down the gas and drive into it did she? And why can't trains be diverted to other lines? (NB: At time of publication the train has not yet been removed from the city-bound line)

3. Why weren't there enough buses in place after the crash to ferry stranded passenger to Eastwood where they could attempt to catch a train (i say attempt!). What has been put in place in case something like this happens? This time it's one line and you can't handle it. What if you lost all four?

4. Why weren't passengers told anything? At Eastwood Station we were simply told there was no trains coming from Epping and that we had to wait for the service from the city to terminate at Eastwood before we could go back that way. Meanwhile some passengers were stranded on Platform Four because of the lack of services now going to Hornsby. It was the city-bound line, so why would it impact on that line? Because there was no sense of time management. When i did get a train it took 40 minutes to trundle down that line through every station when it usually takes 20 minutes. The passenger in my carriage only heard what happened because a guy about my age hopped on the train and told us he'd been at Epping and a bus had fallen on the tracks. Why not tell the commuters, knowledge is vital. Scared we'll use it against you?

5. Unrelated but still a pain... why is Eastwood Station completely useless at the mere mention of rain. It's underpass floods quicker than necessary. Why continue with the ramp system from the East side if it's only making Eastwood hard to deal with. I'm sure this will come up again over winter.

This government has no control over it's train services but also a substandard way of dealing with the problems caused by this lack of control. All we are supposed to do is sit back and hope for the best? I don't think so.
This government better shape up or it's out.

And this is from a die-hard Labor supporter!

Until next time. Enjoy the video. If i weren't so pissed at being late it would be hilarious. Though i'll probably enjoy it more when i get home.

With love

~ Kate.



Bus Line!


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Date:2007-10-18 11:17
Subject:Oh god, another media beat-up!
Mood: amused

Well another one of those days when the entire population is saying only one word: Chaser. Yep, they've done it again, officially splitting Australia down the middle and causing their very own civil war. This time it's all down to Andrew Hanson. Yes, that's right, you should look embaressed! Last night The Chaser's War On Everything aired with a very ingenious (and in my opinion truthful) spin about the way people are treated after they die. Titled the Eulogy Song Andrew sings a song about his great-grandfather who he states as being 'dull' and a 'mysoginist'. But oh, let's not stop there. He then goes on to add some 'examples' involving Steve Irwin 'taunting tots and crocs' and Peter Brock 'so anti-Green he drove into a tree'. Any more? Jeff Buckley had 'more wailing than Japan does off our shores', Princess Di as a 'slut for sex' who was 'wet with Arab semen stains', Stan Zemanic(sp?) a 'xenophobic cock' whose 'views were more malignant than his brain'. Don Bradman 'a grumpy greedy tiredass' and Kerry Packer a 'tax-cheat' whose biggest mistake was 'procreating Jamie'. Thankfully he stops at Belinda Emmett. Whew. And a final comforting thought... 'even Anna-bloody-Coren, even she will be a top bloke after death'

And so, after that "summary" let's look at the media beat-up. Well The Daily Telegraph, the very epitome of top quality journalism, is marketing that they insulted Belinda when they said nothing about her. The Herald Sun is loving Stan, completely forgetting the fact that yes, he was a xenophobic who found it fun to push people who were already down. AM Radio is going nuts, they're having a field day and make sure you watch both current affairs shows tonight because you just know the people behind of them nearly wet themselves with excitement when this song went to air. But are we all forgettign the one or two facts surrounding this? Yes, we are. First of all The Chaser are a satirical group whose sole job is to question society with their witty humour and pushing the boundaries habits. The second issue: aren't they just saying what we all thought when these people died. We cringed when Germaine Greer came out and insulted Steve Irwin and although i adore his work, isn't it true he taunted crocs with his small son? Brockie sold out his family and lived to drive gas guzzlers and be a real prat to everyone around him. Jeff Buckley was a whingy bastard. John Lennon was a drug-addicted idiot. Bradman was a cranky loser too far past his prime. Kerry Packer was a tax-cheat and he was bloody proud of it. (I won't touch Diana). I've already gone into Stan. Can we really say we cried when he died? He was the biggest jerk on Australian radio! He obviously never wrote anything on Belinda, it was just a good place to stop i think because she never did anything bad in her life.

How sad a day it is when Australians don't even want to joke about something. How uptight are we getting? Yes, the Chasers do sometimes take it too far, but isn't that the point of Australian humour, state the facts that no one else in the world would EVER say and make it funny. Laugh. It's hilarious because it's true! But if you can't laugh at it than at least listen to the song and then listen to the beat-ups. How far off the mark they go should have you rolling on the floor in stitches. I know i'll be watching Anna and Tracey with interest.

And for your information... yes, i do agree with EVERYTHING Andrew said and give him kudos for having the balls to say it when no one else will.

On a final note a special call goes out to all of you who bought the new Radiohead album from the internet, paid like 30 pence for it and then whinged about the quality. You people inspire me to be a tightass whinger like you.

Have a great weekend and send your presents via Australia Post
Gotta support the industry!

Much love

The song:

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Date:2007-10-05 09:20
Subject:Hey hey, more public health! And Russians too!
Mood: amused

Well the Australian government continues to exceed expectations of their own stupidity. Just this morning, after a week of ranting from the very likely to have been born without a brain Health Minister Mister Tony Abbott, a report came out which has shown that the Australian Government is spending a hell of a lot less on public hospitals than the State government. In fact the rate of increase by the State Government has gone up 51% while the rate of increase by the Australian Government has only increased by (i think it was about this number) 43%. And all this after a weeks worth of ranting by Abbott about how the State government is letting down the Australian public by offering them only sub-standard health.
If you don't know where this crapola all started it was after a woman went to Royal North Shore Hospital (the public side, not the private one across the road) and managed to miscarriage in the waiting room without anyone noticing. Now, i'm well aware that hospitals have their problems, but why the hell didn't anyone notice this? Heck, this woman could have died. Really makes me value the fact that every time i've been to Royal North Shore it's been on the private side of the road (heck, my brother and i were born there. Thank goodness for private health). Anyway, jumping on any chance to whinge (of course it hasn't got anything to do with the election! Mr Abbott is seriously worried about this woman!) the Australian Government came out with the perfect plan. They will wrestle the control of public hospitals off the states and give them to the local areas. Does this mean the local councils? Does this mean that the man in charge of Ryde Hospital will now be Ivan Petch? That man can't stratch his backside without first asking the Australian Government! He is officially the most underworked man in Australia. The only thing i have ever seen him do is skake hands with Howard and random people to have the misfortune of visiting this godforsaken suburb whose main attractions are John Howard and apples that haven't grown here for over 150 years.
But yes, moving on. New report today says that the State Government spends more. Now, surely there can be no comeback for that? And, oh, there isn't. But they tried so hard. Abbott and Costello (oh no, that's not a coincidence people. They are rather funny men!) came out today and, get this for a comeback, they stated that (paraphrasing here) yes, the State Government has increased funding faster but that doesn't mean they have more to offer the public health system. Uh, really? Cos it looks pretty clear cut to me. They've given more therefore they offer more. That's like saying that the American government, while it sends substantially more troops to Iraq than Australia, doesn't actually offer more to the reconstruction of Iraq. Oh, wait, what am i saying? Of course they don't offer more to the people. They only offer more to the petrol pumps.

On a different note a special Friday Fuckwit award (yes, i so stole this from Triple J but they didn't even mention it, they only mentioned the plague) goes to the police and government of Russia who managed to find a group of bodies under the old KGB and are now investigating how they died. Now, that seems simple enough, and much luck to them, but i think the entire population of the world can tell you how they died. They have big gaping bullet holes in their heads. Now i don't know much about Russian bullets and guns but i assume that when they put a big hole in your skull you're pretty much finished. Evidently no one has told the Russians this. Either that or the Russian police are having a very slow day and intend to set up their very own CSI: Moscow. If they're really that bored we should bring them down here. They can arrest Tony Abbott for crimes against comebacks.

Have a good weekend

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Date:2007-10-04 10:29
Subject:I'm back and i'm angry ...at who else? George Bush of course!
Mood: aggravated

Alright, finally back and i'm actually going to attempt to write something at least somewhat worthwile now. I know, there's a first time for everything.

My rant today is about my old friend George Dubya, officially the biggest prat in the history of the world. I mean, i know there was really no competition for the place before, but what he said today just nails it. What a top-class nob! Today our amazing leader of the free world *cough* excuse me. :) Anyway, today he came out and stated the reason why he vetoed a democrats bill that would raise the price of cigarettes so that the extra money (about 4 billion i believe it was) could be put into free public health for the economically challenged. He values private health. That was his only reason for letting starving and unhealthy Americans (yeah, we're not talking about Iraqis here, we're talking about his own people) carry on being unhealthy and starving because he values 'private health'. What that really means is 'i value what you pay for and if you don't have any money than you don't deserve to live.'
Now, seriously, as if it isn't bad enough that Americans don't have a public health system in the first place, the Democrats go and grow somethign that somewhat resembles a heart and it gets passed only to be vetoed by what unhealthy and undereducated American children in low-income families should now start considering as their very own devil. I mean, Saddam Hussein had problems, but at least this never happened to his people (not that i'm saying that his method of work or get shot should be taken up, but this is almost as humane isn't it?).
In Australia we have a public health system which i just know that the Prime Minister wants to get rid of in the hope that we'll be one step closer to being America (John's dream people), and we have what could only be described as very lacking hospitals, but at least those that aren't well-off actually have somewhere to go. I mean, my local hospital Ryde Hospital is the dump hole of the galaxy, but the amounts of times my family have had to go up there with my mum because of her epilepsy and been happy that there is a system that does seem to at least show some support to struggling families (we aren't exactly struggling, we have private health insurance, but that is only ever used for extreme circumstances. It's usually the crappy little public health system that we use at Ryde Hospital or just to visit the GP for my high-blood pressure.) but what about in America? They don't get even second-rate! Really makes you think that next time you stroll into a public hospital for treatment and then later whinge about it (even though you paid nothing) what would happen if you were in a situation like these young Americans?
For gods sake George, they're children! What are you scared they'll do? Realise you're a tyrant and vote you out of office? C'mon mate, you really think they don't already know that? They're sick, not stupid!

Until next time
Beans to you all

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