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I'm back and i'm angry ...at who else? George Bush of course!

Alright, finally back and i'm actually going to attempt to write something at least somewhat worthwile now. I know, there's a first time for everything.

My rant today is about my old friend George Dubya, officially the biggest prat in the history of the world. I mean, i know there was really no competition for the place before, but what he said today just nails it. What a top-class nob! Today our amazing leader of the free world *cough* excuse me. :) Anyway, today he came out and stated the reason why he vetoed a democrats bill that would raise the price of cigarettes so that the extra money (about 4 billion i believe it was) could be put into free public health for the economically challenged. He values private health. That was his only reason for letting starving and unhealthy Americans (yeah, we're not talking about Iraqis here, we're talking about his own people) carry on being unhealthy and starving because he values 'private health'. What that really means is 'i value what you pay for and if you don't have any money than you don't deserve to live.'
Now, seriously, as if it isn't bad enough that Americans don't have a public health system in the first place, the Democrats go and grow somethign that somewhat resembles a heart and it gets passed only to be vetoed by what unhealthy and undereducated American children in low-income families should now start considering as their very own devil. I mean, Saddam Hussein had problems, but at least this never happened to his people (not that i'm saying that his method of work or get shot should be taken up, but this is almost as humane isn't it?).
In Australia we have a public health system which i just know that the Prime Minister wants to get rid of in the hope that we'll be one step closer to being America (John's dream people), and we have what could only be described as very lacking hospitals, but at least those that aren't well-off actually have somewhere to go. I mean, my local hospital Ryde Hospital is the dump hole of the galaxy, but the amounts of times my family have had to go up there with my mum because of her epilepsy and been happy that there is a system that does seem to at least show some support to struggling families (we aren't exactly struggling, we have private health insurance, but that is only ever used for extreme circumstances. It's usually the crappy little public health system that we use at Ryde Hospital or just to visit the GP for my high-blood pressure.) but what about in America? They don't get even second-rate! Really makes you think that next time you stroll into a public hospital for treatment and then later whinge about it (even though you paid nothing) what would happen if you were in a situation like these young Americans?
For gods sake George, they're children! What are you scared they'll do? Realise you're a tyrant and vote you out of office? C'mon mate, you really think they don't already know that? They're sick, not stupid!

Until next time
Beans to you all
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