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Oh god, another media beat-up!

Well another one of those days when the entire population is saying only one word: Chaser. Yep, they've done it again, officially splitting Australia down the middle and causing their very own civil war. This time it's all down to Andrew Hanson. Yes, that's right, you should look embaressed! Last night The Chaser's War On Everything aired with a very ingenious (and in my opinion truthful) spin about the way people are treated after they die. Titled the Eulogy Song Andrew sings a song about his great-grandfather who he states as being 'dull' and a 'mysoginist'. But oh, let's not stop there. He then goes on to add some 'examples' involving Steve Irwin 'taunting tots and crocs' and Peter Brock 'so anti-Green he drove into a tree'. Any more? Jeff Buckley had 'more wailing than Japan does off our shores', Princess Di as a 'slut for sex' who was 'wet with Arab semen stains', Stan Zemanic(sp?) a 'xenophobic cock' whose 'views were more malignant than his brain'. Don Bradman 'a grumpy greedy tiredass' and Kerry Packer a 'tax-cheat' whose biggest mistake was 'procreating Jamie'. Thankfully he stops at Belinda Emmett. Whew. And a final comforting thought... 'even Anna-bloody-Coren, even she will be a top bloke after death'

And so, after that "summary" let's look at the media beat-up. Well The Daily Telegraph, the very epitome of top quality journalism, is marketing that they insulted Belinda when they said nothing about her. The Herald Sun is loving Stan, completely forgetting the fact that yes, he was a xenophobic who found it fun to push people who were already down. AM Radio is going nuts, they're having a field day and make sure you watch both current affairs shows tonight because you just know the people behind of them nearly wet themselves with excitement when this song went to air. But are we all forgettign the one or two facts surrounding this? Yes, we are. First of all The Chaser are a satirical group whose sole job is to question society with their witty humour and pushing the boundaries habits. The second issue: aren't they just saying what we all thought when these people died. We cringed when Germaine Greer came out and insulted Steve Irwin and although i adore his work, isn't it true he taunted crocs with his small son? Brockie sold out his family and lived to drive gas guzzlers and be a real prat to everyone around him. Jeff Buckley was a whingy bastard. John Lennon was a drug-addicted idiot. Bradman was a cranky loser too far past his prime. Kerry Packer was a tax-cheat and he was bloody proud of it. (I won't touch Diana). I've already gone into Stan. Can we really say we cried when he died? He was the biggest jerk on Australian radio! He obviously never wrote anything on Belinda, it was just a good place to stop i think because she never did anything bad in her life.

How sad a day it is when Australians don't even want to joke about something. How uptight are we getting? Yes, the Chasers do sometimes take it too far, but isn't that the point of Australian humour, state the facts that no one else in the world would EVER say and make it funny. Laugh. It's hilarious because it's true! But if you can't laugh at it than at least listen to the song and then listen to the beat-ups. How far off the mark they go should have you rolling on the floor in stitches. I know i'll be watching Anna and Tracey with interest.

And for your information... yes, i do agree with EVERYTHING Andrew said and give him kudos for having the balls to say it when no one else will.

On a final note a special call goes out to all of you who bought the new Radiohead album from the internet, paid like 30 pence for it and then whinged about the quality. You people inspire me to be a tightass whinger like you.

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