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Hey, that bus isn't meant to be there is it?

If you were travelling from Ryde this morning you would've experienced the kind of headache that only comes from horrible roads, trains and just about everything else that disaster of a State Government has touched. You can dream about being on time for work in Sydney: maybe you should've just stayed in bed! The Lane Cove Tunnel was packed until 10am, Epping Road is not moving properly yet and is only good to walk on (Tripel M proved that this morning when they pitted a runner up against a bus traveller and driver to see who would get to the city first. The runner got there 30 minutes before the other two) and there's a BUS OVER THE CITY BOUND LINE AT EPPING STATION! This mean you can rule out public transport unless you are prepared to wait 40 minutes at Eastwood Station for an all-stations service or go the long way around via Hornsby and the North Shore line via Chatswood. Of course, this trip would be shorter if the the North Ryde Line(Chatswood-Epping Rail Link) was finished, but that's just a pipedrea. So, with a 20 minute trip now turned into a one-hour ordeal (the time it takes to get a train to the city if you're lucky, squash into it and travel down the overused, under-repaired and almost forgotten Northern Line). A wake-up call for the State Government and our local MP/Transport Minister John Watkins: NOT HAPPY JOHN! So many questions for you but here's just a few:

1. Why so few trains for such a busy line? The Northern Line is the main line between Strathfield and Hornsby including Gosford and the Central Coast. Why is it so hard to get a service that doesn't stop at every station or any service at all between 12 and 2pm that actually considers North Strathfield-Epping as stations.

2. How can a bus get onto the line and then proceed to hold up trains for countless hours? Why wasn't the barrier strong enough to prevent a rolling bus? The woman didn't hold down the gas and drive into it did she? And why can't trains be diverted to other lines? (NB: At time of publication the train has not yet been removed from the city-bound line)

3. Why weren't there enough buses in place after the crash to ferry stranded passenger to Eastwood where they could attempt to catch a train (i say attempt!). What has been put in place in case something like this happens? This time it's one line and you can't handle it. What if you lost all four?

4. Why weren't passengers told anything? At Eastwood Station we were simply told there was no trains coming from Epping and that we had to wait for the service from the city to terminate at Eastwood before we could go back that way. Meanwhile some passengers were stranded on Platform Four because of the lack of services now going to Hornsby. It was the city-bound line, so why would it impact on that line? Because there was no sense of time management. When i did get a train it took 40 minutes to trundle down that line through every station when it usually takes 20 minutes. The passenger in my carriage only heard what happened because a guy about my age hopped on the train and told us he'd been at Epping and a bus had fallen on the tracks. Why not tell the commuters, knowledge is vital. Scared we'll use it against you?

5. Unrelated but still a pain... why is Eastwood Station completely useless at the mere mention of rain. It's underpass floods quicker than necessary. Why continue with the ramp system from the East side if it's only making Eastwood hard to deal with. I'm sure this will come up again over winter.

This government has no control over it's train services but also a substandard way of dealing with the problems caused by this lack of control. All we are supposed to do is sit back and hope for the best? I don't think so.
This government better shape up or it's out.

And this is from a die-hard Labor supporter!

Until next time. Enjoy the video. If i weren't so pissed at being late it would be hilarious. Though i'll probably enjoy it more when i get home.

With love

~ Kate.



Bus Line!

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