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Anyone else freaked out?

Yes, it's all over the news and everything (including Today Tonight, oh god my credibility is out the window now i'm agreeing with them) but are you not a little freaked out by Good Streetview? Currently on Google Street View i've got a camera trained on the front of my house. All i did was type my address into Google Maps Search and it came up. My house, in all it's gorgeous yellowness, is on the web. And it's live. The bus just went past and i followed it down the street. (BTW, it's running late). My brother will be heading to work soon. I'm gonna watch that too. And you think i'm weird? Well, i'm only watching my own family. How many people are currently on Google Streetview watching other people leave their homes?

The excuse Google is using is that anyone could see you leaving your home at any time. Yes, true, but if they stood across the road and watched you for two hours you'd call the cops. However, on this site, i can stare at my house until my brother leaves for work in an hour. 

And why is the Defence Force not worried that i'm now staring at what i think (i was there yesterday so i'm sure it's still) the HMAS Parramatta? I can now read the number on the side. The 154. Yep, it's the Parramatta. Isn't there a security risk there somewhere? And i'm a Google Street View newbie. I wonder what better angles professionals can get?

Information in real time or an invasion of privacy? You know what i think. I'm worried to leave my house now!

~ Kate
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