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The Devil Inside... Australian Borders

Could this be the first documented picture of the devil himself? To those who lost everything in Australia’s worst national disaster, it is.

This is the first picture, taken by a local schoolteacher, of the man believed to be responsible for the Gippsland bushfires that have claimed 20 lives and many homes. And it’s not too harsh to suggest he could be behind many more. In fact this individual has been terrorising locals since 2003 but they’ve finally had enough.

In a bid to catch this man, locals have set up a task force that will patrol the area night and day in a desperate bid to both catch this despicable excuse for a human being and also deter him from lighting any more fires.

Yesterday two individuals were taken into custody to help police with arson inquiries. Both were released. Gippsland locals think it isn’t enough and now want nothing more than to find the man and set him alight themselves.

Here’s hoping police catch this man before locals find him – for his sake.


The individual has been seen in the Gippsland region since early 2003. He’s described as young and average height. He’s been seen on a black motorcycle with L-plates, a white helmet and a white petrol can strapped to the back. Anyone with information on this person has been asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

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