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Repeats and Revisits - Hanging out at West to the Ryde

Well, just my luck, it turns out i'll be coming back here to West Ryde everyday for the next three weeks as part of Centrelink's rampant desire to make me jump through thousands of flaming hoops before they realise i am shockingly unemployed and give me $400. Seriously, can't they just do a Kevin rudd and hand out the money without first thinking. I mean, come on, some of that stimulus package is going to people who haven't lived in Australia for years. Meanwhile me, whose extent of overseas has been a holiday to Tasmania, gets to hang out in the back dump streets of West Ryde and terrorise people who clearly are NOT looking to hire about getting a job. Meep. Meep to you Centrelink.

Anyway, enough to that, this is about two things;

1. The new NRL ad/song that is going over and over in my head... but that may because i have it on repeat on my iPod

2. Visiting what's left of my nan's old place in West to the Ryde


So, first, NRL ad. God damn Wes Carr song is stuck in my head. I can't think without hearing it and so have it playing on repeat at all hours of the day. And then, when i'm not listening to it or trying to do something else like watch TV, the bloody NRL ad comes on and damn, there it goes again.

Personally i prefer the NRL version to Wes' cos his is all about driving around with an older lady and guns. Say what? The NRL one is inspiring, if you know, you have the ad without Brett 'part-time rapist, full-time jerk' Stewart in it. But that's me and i love my NRL. Full-time Sydney bogan chick right here. Give me NRL, a footie pie and some rock 'n' roll and i'm a happy little beansprout for days. Throw in a cute sailor and dude, this is what heaven looks like. Throw in a Parra premiership and i start to think maybe this too good to be true...

So, lyrics for the NRL version are all like...

"... there was me and you, always out to prove what we could do... all he wanted to do was see his team rise, when he lit up the sky you know it felt like woah..."

So catchy! I prefer that over Wes' which you can look up yourself. Lol.

So, time to dissect this as my ad major hat comes on... fact is: I LOVE THIS AD! I feel sorry for the kid who played yougn Brett Stewart cos he got the axe, but the idea of kids on a playing field growing up to become Greg Inglis is fantastic! I absolutely love it, even if i hate Greg Inglis cos he's a creep. It captures the game perfectly and for anyone whose grown up on NRL it's kinda inspiring.

((BTW, my iPod just died and now i'm music-less. *cries*)

But, back to the ad. 'Feel It' is probably their best slogan to date. I mean, after they said they were canning 'That's My Team' last year i though, great, time for another crappy ad like the Tina Turner one. I mean, i know that was supposedly fantastic but dude... she's American! They don't know NRL! Where as Wes Carr is so much more NRL: he's a nobody risen to be a somebody by a fat guy who told him he could achieve his dreams, he's very scruffy -looking and he speaks with a bit of a drawl. Dude, that's an NRL player/fan to boot!

So... on the whole... LOVE IT!

I might dissect it better on ADdicted next week so keep an eye on that...

Issue two: Visiting my nan's old house...

Back in 1999 my nan sold her house in West Ryde to buy a unit closer to us. Currently my mum is renting out that unit as my nan passed away three years ago in July. So, it's been almost 10 years to the day since my nan sold up at almost half the original value to a young family she liked because the woman was a nurse. My nan was a sucker for a kind face. Sold the house for about $350,000. It's value is more like $600,000.
Today i took a stroll down to the house to see what was up. Now, i knew they'd knocked down, but i assumed they'd rebuilt. I was wrong. Instead all that's left is an overgrown grassy area. They've filled in the pool and pulled out all of nan's plants leaving nothing but the old stone fence at the front which is falling into ruin.


I mean, i know economic crunch and everything, but you'd think in 10 years they'd have done more than turn it into a dump. I spent most of the first 12 years of my life at that house, learning to swim and crushing slugs with bricks. Now it's nothing. It's very upsetting.

What is amusing is the things that HAVEN'T changed in 10 years. Like the house further up the street that has been in the process of being rebuilt since 1996. The old house withe the christmas lights still strung up the gum tree and the units across the road. Of course, the people i knew back then would be grown up or gone now. The kids two doors down who would be in the last years of primary school/high school. One was a baby when i knew him. He'd now be 11! Dude, that's year 5! or the young girl who'd now be 16! 16! It really makes you feel old, that's for sure.

But that's it for me. Enough hanging out at West to the Ryde library, i have some job hunting to return to.

Later days dudettes and dudes

Luv ~ Kate

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